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What is Craft Beer Anyway?

Craft beer is usually all-malt, made in small batches by an independent microbrewery. It’s made using traditional brewing methods and premium ingredients. Brewmasters chose fresh ingredients carefully and there is a lot of time spent in the quality of the taste and inventing new flavours. Craft beer often tastes better than mass-produced corporate beer and tends to contain a higher alcohol content. This means more fun for you!

Our Beer

It’s no surprise that we love beer. We also love variety, which is why we put a heck of a lot of effort into perfecting our recipes. As Niagara attracts more and more attention for the growing culinary culture in addition to its wine, locals and visitors alike deserve a locally produced, high quality, small batch, fresh beer. We look to offer the opportunity to enjoy beer made with the same care and effort that our chefs and vintners are working hard providing.

Silversmith Beer
Black Lager

Introducing our German style Black Lager {Schwarzbier} that will teach anyone to speak the language of great beer. Brewed in Niagara using classic East German black lager recipes dating back to the late 1300’s this local lager is simply a reminder of what good enjoyable beer should taste like.

650mL bottles, kegs, imperial pints
Our staple, always available
Shelf Life:
Brewers Notes:
This lager, with its strong dark malty character, is described as having the appearance of a stout, yet giving you a refreshing crisp clean finish. Can you say lecker?
Tasting Notes:
To brew this‚ ”beer of the people”, we used typical American 6 row lager malt in conjunction with smaller amounts of extremely dark roasted German malt which gives the beer its black character. In addition, Munich malt was used to provide the beer with its unique balanced flavour. We used Northern Brewer hops to achieve a bitterness level typical of a European lager and added the noble Saaz hop which can be noted in the mild yet distinct aroma of the beer.

Brewed the Hard Way