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Our Offerings

The Black Lager – SOLD OUT

Schwarzbier | 5% | IBU 10

The Black Lager is the beer that started it all. Since 2011 we have been perfecting Canada’s most award-winning Schwarzbier. Join the guild of black lager fanatics today.

Breakfast Wheat

Hefeweizen | 5.2% | IBU 16

Before you raise a little hell tonight, it is advised that chilling this beer in the fridge will ensure that you end up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning!

I Can’t Concentrate – Citrus Wheat

Fruited Hefeweizen | 5.2% | IBU 16

This classic Bavarian-style hefeweizen was brewed with copious amounts of valencia orange to give an almost shandy like flavour to the beer.  Enjoy citrus, banana and clove spice on this summer sipper!

Dam Buster

ESB | 5% | IBU 30

A true Extra Special Bitter! It is clear, has a deep copper colour, is lightly carbonated, with a slight head. It is beautifully balanced with slight hop bitterness and caramel sweetness with hints of fresh orange.

Golden Ale

Golden Ale | 4% | IBU 40

There are hints of malt flavours, a subtle rye spiciness and a remarkably dry finish. True to style, this beer is easy-drinking and very approachable.

Mind’s IPA

IPA | 6.7% | IBU 40

A bright blend of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops make for brilliant citrus flavours of grapefruit and tangerine, with hints of passionfruit and pine character.


Lazy Lagoon – SOLD OUT

Session IPA | 4.2% | IBU 55

Pours a light straw gold, experience aromas of passion-fruit and guava. Hopped heavily with Southern Passion & Mosaic, you can expect flavours of tangerine, mango and guava.

Born Again

Helles Lager | 4.2% | IBU 33

Pours a straw coloured gold, with aromas of bread & malt. Similar flavours to follow balanced by hop bitterness.

Pairs excellent with light flavoured dishes such as salads and fresh seafood, soft aged cheese, enjoyed on a hot sunny day.

I Take Mine Black – SOLD OUT

Coffee Schwarzbier | 5.0% | IBU 10

Pours an opaque ebony, with aromas of freshly roasted coffee. Flavours of cacao, coffee and balanced malt to follow.

Pairs well with Mac & Cheese, Mole Negro, BBQ Spareribs, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pudding.

Problem Bears – SOLD OUT

Black IPA | 7.2% | IBU 58

Pours an opaque black, with aromas of tropical fruit and resinous pine. Be surprised by juicy flavours of tropical fruit and citrus.

Pairs well with Rich Meats, BBQ, Dry Blue Cheeses, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Pudding.


Horchata Porter – SOLD OUT

Spiced Porter | 5.9% | IBU 35

Our Horchata Porter is a winter standby around The Church. Traditionally a rice-milk beverage, our spin on this Mexican treat includes flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and roasty flavours to keep you warm through these cooler months. Olé!

Walking On Sunshine – SOLD OUT

Session IPA | 4.8% | IBU 55

Pours a hazy orange gold, our session IPA greets you with aromas of passion-fruit and guava. Hopped heavily with Southern Passion, you can expect flavours of grapefruit, red berries and guava.


Scot’O’Philia – SOLD OUT

Scottish Wee Heavy | 6.0% | IBU

This beer pours dark mahogany, with a bread and toasty aroma. Enjoy a rich malt flavour balanced out by hops.


Saison D’Être – SOLD OUT

Fruited Saison | 5.3% | IBU 16

This beer pours orange and a hint of red, with a spicy and fruity aroma. Enjoy classic spicy saison flavour accentuated by the addition of pink peppercorns flavour balanced by the addition of strawberries.


Legend Of The Mistletoe Bough – CURRENTLY CELLARED

Barleywine | 11% | IBU 50

Pours a garnet red, with aromas of orange and raisins. Flavours of treacle, orange and raisins with a memory of figgy pudding brought through by the high ABV.

This American Style Barleywine, it pairs well with luxuriant holiday dishes such as lamb, dark poultry meats, sharp cheddar and blue cheeses. Desserts include figgy pudding & sticky toffee pudding. Share in the holiday spirit with this beer at your table.


Sentinel’s Gift – SOLD OUT

Grisette | 3.5% | IBU 14

Pours a light gold, with aromas of tropical fruit. Fruity flavours early on the palette give way to a herbal, dry finish.

As a Belgian style brew similar to a Saison, it pairs well with farmhouse dishes, funky
cheeses, drinks perfectly well with a weekend project in the garden or garage.

Virgil Tea – SOLD OUT

Vienna Lager | 5.0% | IBU 34

This beer pours deep orange, with a bread and fruity aroma. Enjoy a malt toasty flavour balanced out by German Hersbrucker Hops.

Pairs well with Grilled Meats, Batter Fried-Fish, Firm Mild Cheese, Enjoyed Late Fall-Early Winter as a Full-Flavoured Lager.