Our Beers

The Black Lager

Schwarzbier|5.0%|IBU 28

This is the beer that started it all for us. Canada’s most award winning Schwarzbier. And we’ve been perfecting it for over 10 years. An opaque dark brown colour with a creamy tan head. Balanced flavours of toasted malt, chocolate, and coffee. Become a black lager fanatic today.

Helles Lager

Floral & Smooth|4.7%|IBU 22

Planning on raising a little hell tonight? A translucent straw colour with a long-lasting white head. Flavours of malty sweetness and floral noble hops. Chilling this beer in the fridge will ensure that you end up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning!

Nut Brown Ale

Hazelnut & Dry|5.0%|IBU 24

This Nut Brown Ale is truly one of a kind. A mahogany, English-American hand-crafted brown ale that carries notes of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Ending with a light, dry finish. A much loved legacy brew we’ve embraced since Black Oak Brewing joined Silversmith Brewing Co.

Pale Ale

Bright & Citrus|5.0%|IBU 35

Our Pale Ale is bright, superbly well-balanced and flavourful. It uses classic American hops to give a soft bitterness and enhanced floral and earthy tones. Finishing with an aroma of pine and citrus. Another much loved legacy brew we’ve embraced since Black Oak Brewing joined Silversmith Brewing Co.

Breakfast Wheat

Refreshing & Fruity|5.2%|IBU 16

Brewed in the classic tradition of the Weissbier style, this is an unfiltered ale. The brewer’s yeast is left in suspension, making the beer slightly cloudy. A golden-yellow colour with a white pillowy head. Flavours of banana and clove. Light to medium-bodied on the palate with a fruitful revitalizing finish.

Tropical Situation

Fruity & Zesty|5.0%|IBU 30

This American Pale Ale blends big fruity flavours with smooth savouriness and a quenching crisp finish. The bright aroma of pineapple is matched with zesty hops to create a truly amazing tropical situation! Another much loved legacy brew we’ve embraced since Black Oak Brewing joined Silversmith Brewing Co.

Twenty Hazy Years

Bright & Hazy|6.5%|IBU 45

This unfiltered New England India Pale Ale is crafted with the finest ingredients to bring you the brightest flavours possible. Another much loved legacy brew we’ve embraced since Black Oak Brewing joined Silversmith Brewing Co.

Extra Special Bitter

Rich & Malty|5.0%|IBU 30

A true Extra Special Bitter. Clear with a deep copper colour, lightly carbonated and a light head. It’s beautifully balanced with slight hop bitterness and caramel sweetness. Flavours of orange, heritage apples, and black tea. Medium-bodied on the palate with a rich malt accent and notes of biscuit is held in balance by a pleasingly drying bitterness.

Hop Water


Succulent, sweet, and aromatic, mangos have enchanted the world for millennia. Their complex flavour profile has amazing range: from zesty orange to juicy peach, tropical pineapple, cucumber peel, and sweet caramel! The superb versatility of mango’s natural flavour is just one reason why it is nicknamed the “king of fruit.” Don’t be shy, this daily sipper has no alcohol, just nice, flavoured bubbles.

Ecclesia Series

To pay homage to this place we call home – including using our stained-glass window as inspiration for the can design – we’ve launched our newest limited edition called the The Ecclesia Series. Latin for church, it will showcase the creativity and craft that our brewers have refined and perfected. We welcome our community to come, relax, and congregate to enjoy the Ecclesia Series. While it lasts.

Hill 145

Light Session Ale|4.0%|IBU 20

This hazy session ale has a vibrant aroma of tropical fruit, citrus zest and a hint of pine. It exemplifies the art of balance, offering a depth of flavors while remaining approachable and light-hearted. Hill 145 takes its name from the highest point on Vimy Ridge, the most famous Canadian victory in World War 1. Brewed to commemorate Remembrance Day each year, 5% of proceeds are donated to Veterans’ House Canada.

Storm in a Teacup

Lavender Lager|4.7%|IBU 22

A collaboration brew with our Virgil neighbour. This lager is enhanced with flavours of vanilla, Earl Grey tea and lavender that is harvested from Neob. A portion of the proceeds from this brew will be donated to Gillian’s Place, one of Ontario’s first shelters for abused women and children, providing safe refuge and non-residential programs that enable individuals to break the cycle of violence. 25¢ per can will be donated to Gillian’s Place.

Nelson Punch

Dry Hopped Fruit Sour|5.0%|IBU 16

This sour beer combines the vibrant fruit flavours of Nelson Sauvin hops, passionfruit and guava. The bright expressive white wine notes of the hops complement the tangy sweetness of passionfruit and the tropical flavour of guava perfectly.

Motueka Pils

Crispy & Lime|4.5%|IBU 25

This wicked single hop Pilsner features a New Zealand hop variety called Motueka. With a burst of citrus notes, you’ll be leaning forward for that next sniff-sip.

West Coast IPA

Bold & Bitter|6.6%|IBU 48

This India Pale Ale embodies the spirit of the classic hoppy brews of the Pacific Coast. Enjoy intense hop flavours of resiny fruit candy, balanced with a refreshing dry finish that sets it apart from other IPAs.