Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You

It started on Valentine’s Day 2016

What began on a cozy romantic day in February 2016 became so beloved, that it turned into a permanent fixture of The Church. Our “Somebody Loves You” board has become the most talked about feature of The Church (besides the beer) because it allows our guests to engage and show love to those who are not with them at the time.

When you visit The Church and find you are feeling a little nostalgic for a friend or family member, you can show them love by buying them a pint and having their name added to the board behind the bar.

The next time that person visits The Church, they can enjoy the pint you bought them. It’s our way of helping you express the love you have for someone who has walked by your side in this crazy, yet beautiful life.

Over the years, people have added the names of friends, family, loved ones, teachers, frontline workers, those having a bad day, people celebrating or anyone who they think would love a brew at The Church.

If you know someone you think should be on our “Somebody Loves You” board click the link, and they too will feel the love.